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McMinnville’s best insurance agency

By June 26, 2018January 14th, 2022Insurance

Like McMinnville, Hagan Hamilton Insurance Services has a unique history. Founded in 1910, Hagan Hamilton has been serving this area for 105 years. While the name and ownership have both changed during that time, what hasn’t changed is our dedication to staying local. Our roots are here in McMinnville, and our service is to this beautiful state. Since we are focused on this community and this is where we return our profits—some in the form of scholarships and many donations to local charities which are dear to us.

McMinnville’s best insurance agency

So why did we choose McMinnville?

This community supports its local businesses and in turn we like to sponsor and support our community. Many of our employees are involved with countless community service projects, serve on boards and even get their entire family involved with activities. We encourage our staff to give back and we will always support volunteerism.

That is one of the reasons that Hagan Hamilton was named Oregon Business 100 Best Businesses for 6 years in a row. As a medium sized business, we ranked 14th best company to work for in 2015. We are insanely proud of our employees and are grateful for having such a diverse and professional staff.

Better Because We are Independent

What many people might not understand about insurance is that there are ALWAYS options. Hagan Hamilton is an Independent Agency, meaning we represent hundreds of different insurance companies instead of representing only one. Our agents are specialists—not generalists. They will show you a list of options to choose from, and will help you select the policy that is the right fit for you, your business, or your employees. You are sure to get the most expert advice possible. If you haven’t checked your insurance in a while, come in for a free evaluation of your risks and how to mitigate them.

We are constantly in a mindset of growth and expansion. In fact, we are looking to add more people to our team. Our operations rely on exceptional customer service, and with that we need good quality people. If you are interested in joining a professional and local team, please reach out to us.

Hagan Hamilton Insurance Services is proud to be such a large part of McMinnville and the surrounding area.

Thank you for supporting us in the community.